Group strategy

The strategic objective of Grupa Klepsydra is to become the leader in the funeral market in Poland by consolidating the fragmented domestic funeral services market. This will help to build a strong, modern and innovative group bringing together strong local brands.

Thanks to the implementation of the strategy and the consolidation of the industry, Grupa Klepsydra’s financial performance will leapfrog over the next few years.

Grupa Klepsydra will generate a number of synergies, e.g., in procurement and overheads of group companies. Grupa Klepsydra will continue to modernise its services and introduce cutting-edge solutions that will not only enhance the quality of its services but also contribute to further savings within the group.

In 2023, the Klepsydra Group completed one acquisition and signed a letter of intent regarding the second acquisition (completed in January 2024). The Group’s target is companies operating in large cities in Poland, servicing at least 1,000 funerals a year.

Further acquisitions of similarly sized entities operating in large or medium-sized Polish cities are planned between 2024 and 2027. Grupa Klepsydra expects that over the next five years this will allow it to build a strong capital group with approximately 20 entities operating in significant local markets in Poland with a market share up to 10% in this highly fragmented market. Grupa Klepsydra intends to use up to 80% of the annual net profit to achieve these acquisition targets.

Following a period of initial investment related to the group’s growth, Grupa Klepsydra plans to regularly pay dividends to investors. In line with its dividend policy, Grupa Klepsydra expects to pay investors a dividend of up to 20% of net profit from 2024 onwards. The first dividend payment is planned as early as 2025 (from net profit for 2024).